Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Do you believe in love at first sight?

I somewhat believe in love at first sight. This is how it goes down. You are walking on the street one day and look up to see someone. This person is your type of guy! Maybe for some girls, they just know that he is the one. From exchanging looks they already know that this person is the one they will be spending the rest of their life with. I do believe in fate. So maybe it was fate these two people met and have an instant connection. But if you have an instant connection, that doesn't mean your in love. Personally, I could never see that happening for me. I may like somebody a lot right as a I meet them. But I will need to spend time with that person before knowing we are in love. Maybe for others it is different, but I think it is unlikely to have love at first sight. Plus, if you convinced yourself that you have found the love of your life, then you might try to force the relationship even if it is not right. Do I think Romeo and Juliet had love at first sight? Somewhat, they did for sure have an instant connection, then realized that they do in fact love each other. You see this a lot in movies, and it might give people that idea that the person you end up with has to be love at first sight. I think you have to work at love because it's not easy. But I do hope one day something like this will happen to me, it is always nice to dream. Even if fate brought two people together, it does not mean that they will even see it. It is possible to meet your love, and you just do not realize it. I think that happens more often than not.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Is Romeo Romantic?

Alright, one of the first things romeo says to Juliet is, " if i profane with my unworthiest hand" Um... that is gross. Not cool romeo. I feel like what romeo says and how he says it is very romantic. Calling her holy is pretty sweet if you ask me. He knows that is how he can pick up girls, but i have a feeling for romeo, Juliet is different. For the most part he is saying all the right things to Juliet to make everyone believe he is a romantic. Personally, like weird. It's creepy how romantic he is, after only saying a few words to her. I am not a fan of that kind of stuff, but Juliet is eating it up. So to answer the question romeo is more than romantic he is overly romantic. I appreciate how he treats her with respect and doesn't come on TOO strong. He is already coming on strong, but in a nice way. He tells her that the same way people put their hands together to pray is what he wants to do with their lips. awwwww how sweet. Romeo is earning major points with this statement. What makes him so Romantic is that he cares if Juliet is comfortable with him and that is something you do not find a lot with guys

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Blog Post #6

Dear blog,
What does Katniss learn? Through the Hunger Games, katniss learns her need for survival. First, she needs to win for her family. For her mom and prim and the starving people of district twelve. If she wins, her family won't have to worry anymore about money. She also wanted to survive for Rue and the people of district thirteen. She knows the struggle they go through, and her winning for Rue is a big statement to the Capital. Above all, Katniss feels the need to survive to prove a point. That she is bigger than the hunger games and does not agree with the message of it. I believe the moral of the story is to stand up for what you believe in. By changing the rules so that both Peeta and her lived, she did't change everything but it was enough of a wakeup call to all the other starving districts. It doesn't matter where you come from, there was a desperate need for change and she was the one to start this revolution. Also, when rue died and she buried her, that was another symbol of the districts coming together. It was a shout out to the Capital saying that the other districts realize the cruel nature of the hunger games and want change. Another rebellion will happen and this time the districts are determined to win. Overall, the moral is to fight for justice and fight for what you believe in because you can be the one to start a revolution.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hunger Games Blog Post #5

Dear blog,
Throughout the Hunger Games children are expected to kill everyone until they become the victor. One person left out of twenty four. This brutal murder has been going on for seventy-four years. It is bad enough that children are expected to kill other children! The worst part is that these "games" are used as a source of entertainment for the capital. People watch it as if it is just another reality tv show on television. It has become apart of the culture to root for other kids to die. The people of the capital pay for and sponser the death of innocent stranger. No longer has death become something of sorrow, but actually the complete opposite; a silly game that comes around once a year. I believe the cruelest part of the hunger games is that fact that death is a source of entertainment or the capital. It's sad that these people do not even realize what they are supporting. They have become blind to the crime that is being committed by each and every person who watches the Hunger Games. It is cruel that children have to kill each other, but it is even worse that they are cheered on while they do it.
In society today, there is no game like the Hunger Games; where REAL people die for sheer entertainment. In video games and movies people die all the time. And personally, I do love action movies where many times people do die. By buying a ticket to the movie it is supporting movies with death. What is even worse than movies is video games. Grand Theft Auto is the most disgusting video game I have ever had to watch. It is too inappropriate to write about, but there is a lot of death to say the least. In the game, the only way to win is to kill people. Death used as entertainment is present in today's society, but no one in real life is actually dying.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Huger Games Blog Post #4

Dear blog,
While in the arena Katniss and Rue eventually make an alliance. Peeta first points out how Rue was following Katniss around in the training facility. While in the arena, Kaniss is perched on a tree while the camp of the careers sits below. She hears ruffling in the tress to then realize it is Rue. Rue points to the trackerjaker in a tree above. This observation saved her life. From that point on Rue and Katniss were an alliance. but why rue? Katniss was stronger than her. The main reason for Katniss to join with rue was because Rue reminded her of her sister. Prim could have easily been in the same spot as Rue. Katniss wanted to love and protect Rue just like she would he own sister. After making an alliance, Katniss comes to realize Rue has some hidden talents. She knew what plants were dangerous or which ones were used for medicine. She was an amazing gatherer, and could pretty much support herself. Not to mention how nimble she was. Katniss admired how brave Rue was. The difference between this alliance and the one of the careers is love. Katniss and Rue i believe did love each other. They worked to help each other survive, and when it came down to it they risked their lives for one another. Cato killed somebody on his own alliance. Him and the rest of the careers just wanted to stay an alliance until it came time to kill each other. They didn't have each others back like Rue and Katniss. They were in the alliance to survive until almost everyone else was dead. When Katniss buried Rue in flowers it was proof of their sisterly love. Cato didn't even bat an eye after he killed someone on his alliance.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hunger Games in class

Dear blog,
I am personally a big fan of Peeta, and especially how he acts towards Katniss. Not to mention his looks! So when I read the title of this article I was a little taken back. Peeta is the girlfriend? Maybe they made a typo. Turns out it was not a typo. The Article starts off by saying how great katniss is. Which I 100% agree with! She is a strong and independant woman who doesn't need a man. Not only does she not need a man emotionally but even to survive in the Hunger Games. The Article is trying to say Peeta is the girlfriend because he is needy. Without Katniss he wouldn't survive. Katniss gets sidetracked from her bigger mission because she is worried about keeping Peeta alive. This is all true, but Peeta is also worried about keeping her alive. They both would have been dead if they didn't make an alliance in the 1st Hunger Games. Maybe Peeta does show his feelings more than Katniss, but does that make him a girlfriend? I understand that most in most relationships, girls like to share their feelings more than guys. But I know many guys who have a lot more feelings than I do. Peeta might not be a better hunter than Katniss, and Katniss may even be stronger than him, but he is not the girlfriend. Just because the big Hollywood movies say that boys always have to be tough and save the day, doesn't mean girls can't do the same. Then when a girl like Katniss makes an appearancce on the big screen, she is all of a sudden the boy in a relationship. Men have weaknesses too, and showing your weakness doesn't make you girly. Maybe I have a bias towards Peeta because I have a huge crush on him, but I would have to disagree that he is Katniss' "girlfriend"

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hunger Games Blog Post #3

Dear Blog,
Peeta said before he entered the arena that he didn't want the hunger games to change him or make him into a monster. Not only has Peeta seen past tributes turn into monsters, but everyone has seen it. What is messed up about this is that the Capital puts it out as entertainment. Kids are killing eachother with rocks or beating another tribute to death and the Capital not only supports it, but also watches it for amusement. Katniss gave an example of one tribute going crazy and eating the people he killed. The Hunger Games can easily turn someone into something their not. Haymitch probably did not have a drinking problem before going into the arena. I could see how being encouraged to kill someone you grew up with could drive you to madness.
Peeta's biggest fear is not that he will die. It is that he will die someone other than himself. He doesn't want to be the muse of the Capital; their little puppet doll. He knows just as well as everyone else that people DO change during and after(if they win) the Hunger Games. I think he is afraid of succumbing to the pier pressure of the Capital. That later in the games he might think it is okay to kill innocent children, and might even find it fun. He doesn't want to be portrayed as someone who supports the Hunger Games, but rather someone who died an honerable death. Maybe he was dealt a bad card and now the only way to live was for others to die, but I believe he wants to make the most out of his situation by protesting it. Him personally may not make a huge impact on the future of these games, but it has to start somewhere. Peeta's biggest fear is that people think that the Hunger Games are acceptible. By him participating will make people think he supports it. And most of all, that he will change into someone cruel just like all the other tributes before him. This fear is far more bigger than death.